Our Story

Hi I am Dan Murphy owner of Guardian overhead garage doors.
Guardian Overhead Garage Doors is one of the world’s leading door manufacturers and a global leader in today’s building components industry. The family’s name has become synonymous to brand quality products covering a wide range of doors in residential and commercial applications. Constant innovation, quality assurance and close proximity to customers are the keys to the company’s permanent growth and lasting success. Operated by the third and fourth generation, the grandson and great grandsons of the company’s founder, Guardian Overhead Garage Doors currently serves customers in more than 30 countries with a multitude of quality products.

The Guardian Overhead Garage Doors range of residential and commercial doors along with the openers are specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of the North American market. And we do it without compromising the Guardian Overhead Garage Doors standard for quality and design offering superior protection and safety.